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About Us


Ç'est la vie ... non ç'est ta vie.


Margaux & Camilla is a watch brand that chooses to compliment the creative side of who you are. We each shine in our own way and what better way to express that uniqueness than with a watch that exudes individuality just as much as you. Inspired by automotive luxury, we chose to incorporate only the finest touches, such as alcantara, leather, and ambient lighting, to develop a watch that sets itself apart from the rest. Meticulously crafted with elegant, high-quality materials, you will possess a well designed watch without having to break the bank.

So we invite you to choose your path in life. 


As a company, Margaux & Camilla sees the value in giving back to the global community. That is why we choose to help in any way we can. With each purchase $5 from the total price will be donated to charity. At the end of every year we will donate the amount raised to a charity of our choosing. Through this donation we hope to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Sincerely Yours,

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